Users of PerforMind are all over the world. Brands like Toyota, MasterCard, The Home Depot and others, are using this tool to efficiently manage and evaluate their sponsorship and community portfolios.

These user teams come together with their peers from time to time on a regional basis, to engage around an agenda provided by SPONSORIUM. Just this Fall there are meetings in New York, London, Dubai, and Stockholm!

For the benefit of the industry, here are some of the lessons that these marketers took away from their Forum:

1. Automated Evaluation: A number of users shared success stories of how they have implemented their own (or their agency’s) sponsorship scorecard into PerforMind. The system is able to automate their previously only manual evaluation, and still provide the score output they are familiar with…but with the added benefits of online sharing and collaboration.

2. Impact Reporting: So much of what brands try to understand from their target audiences, a key reason for the partnership being created in the first place, often comes after the program is concluded. For that reason, Forum attendees exchanged on how they’ve used PerforMind to create and aggregate post-event or impact reports through a combination of stakeholder and third party evaluations and built-in surveys.

3. Flexibility: Newer users that attend the Forum are regularly surprised by the extreme amount of customization that they themselves control in PerforMind. During the small group learning breakouts that take place at every Forum, users work directly with SPONSORIUM engineers and support staff to test new features and understand how to use them as well as make the changes they need on the fly.

4. Benchmarking with ‘The Grid’: PerforMind methodology continues to be the standard for evaluation around the world. The Grid view allows a brand to compare simultaneously how well its portfolio of projects meet its objectives versus its relative cost. The comparison model allows for the continuous benchmarking of performance with the opportunity for new partnerships.


5. A Multitude of Uses: PerforMind users love sharing the various other projects that they have employed their tool for. Media proposals/partnerships, Employee Engagement, and even internal corporate ideas for innovation lead the round table discussions.

Learning is a two-way street. Therefore a critical portion of every SPONSORIUM Forum centers on attendees dreaming about what might be possible in PerforMind and sharing those ideas directly with the engineering team. This process ensures the tool is truly peer-reviewed and at the forefront of its industry.

Hear from many PerforMind using brands here: