Latest Global Report also Aggregates How Well Partnerships/Donations Meet with Brand Objectives

MONTREAL/NEW YORK/LONDON – September 24, 2012 – Data collected from 116 top brands around the world reveals intriguing insights in today’s release of The SPONSORIUM Report. The data is pulled directly from these brands’ management platform which they use to track and evaluate their sponsorships and community investment activity.

The data displayed a 25% growth in spending in the areas of sponsorship and philanthropic donations. A sample size of 25,000 actual partnerships that were formed over the last three years was used.

Asking Rights or Requested Fees are also tracked by the platform the brands use, and thus through a sample of 55,000 opportunities data reported an Average Requested Amount of approximately $44,500; nearly identical to the prior year.

All files are also measured against the strategic criteria which brands use to evaluate their activities. On average, 52% of brand objectives were met worldwide, and per market details are included as well.

“In these trends we are seeing both economic indicators as well as the story of a maturing industry and marketing discipline. Global corporations are proving they can measure spending as it relates to meeting strategic goals,” Seth Leeds, Editor of The SPONSORIUM Report said.

The Report assessed a total of nearly 40,000 opportunities and partnerships files during the last year and 85,000 over three years. Significant findings have surfaced in the categories of Sports, Arts, Community, and Media among others. There is also impactful information that can be seen from a Summer Olympics review as well as special reports in the Community Investment and CSR worlds.

“This huge amount of data provides an unparalleled view into the global sponsorship and community investment industry. The task on everyone’s mind, benchmarking your own brand’s performance, becomes a breeze with The SPONSORIUM Report,” said Paul Pednault, Founder and President of SPONSORIUM.

The SPONSORIUM Report also includes the announcing of the inaugural SPONSORIUM Awards, where brands are honored for how well their partnership portfolio performs overall compared to others, by percentage. 2011 winners included AT&T, Lloyd’s Banking Group, ING, Loto-Québec, to name a few.

These brands could soon become repeat winners as SPONSORIUM has also announced the Finalists for 2012: Novartis, E.ON, Hydro-Québec, Loto-Québec, AT&T, Lloyd’s, Braskem, Gaz Métro, Porter, Saputo, Winn-Dixie, ING, Swisscom, Farm Credit Canada.

The 2012 winners will be announced at a gala dinner this February at the SPONSORIUM Users Summit, an invitation only conference.

The SPONSORIUM Report publishes three times annually, and is available for purchase via the website,

SPONSORIUM provides Sponsorship and Community Investment Management systems to brands in more than 35 countries. The PerforMind™ platform allows corporations to efficiently and consistently evaluate, manage and report on upcoming and current partnerships. SPONSORIUM empowers industry professionals to dedicate their time to improving partnerships and enriching communities through value-added tasks, not clerical work.


Media contact: Seth Leeds,, 973-856-5425