Stockholm SPONSORIUM Forum 2016

1 September 2016|

This half day forum is for brands-only and those responsible for sponsorship, community investment and corporate responsibility.

The 7th Sponsorium Forum will be kindly hosted by Nordea on 17th October 2016 in the centre of Stockholm and just five minutes walk from the Arlanda Express. Like other Sponsorium Forums (in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, London, New York, Miami and Toronto), the purpose is to share and transfer knowledge amongst peers. This is not a media event and no media will be invited.

Our four guest speakers will talk about how they are bridging Commercial Sponsorship and Social Objectives by sharing:

Strategic developments
Case studies and implementation
Global activation trends

The Sponsorium Forum will convene passionate experts, many of whom are using the PerforMind™ cloud solution (provided by SPONSORIUM), at the centre of their sponsorship and community investment strategy.

Agenda & registration click here.

For further information, please contact Marta Kropielnicka (

Etihad educates the Sponsorship Market

22 July 2016|

By its very nature sponsorship is most effective delivering across multiple objectives and there lies the challenge. The need to educate event organisers, sponsorship agents and properties to the broader criteria of a sponsoring brand has never been more important.

Quoted earlier this year in The National, Patrick Pierce Vice President, Sponsorship at Etihad commented, “We need to have more discipline in our selection process – we can’t be all things to all people in all geographies in all times, it’s not sustainable”.

As part of the selection process Etihad recognised the need to educate the global sponsorship market and in return receive more targeted opportunities. Recently Etihad launched an online process for receiving proposals the purpose of which is to explain the role of sponsorship, what Etihad are looking for and the restrictions and limitations.

Many great sponsorship opportunities or ideas fail because they have not understood the needs of the brand, or lack the expertise to submit a convincing business case. The process put in place by Etihad not only gives everyone exactly the same opportunity, it provides guidance, structure and the opportunity to express themselves.

UAE SPONSORIUM Sponsorship and CSR Forum 2016

22 April 2016|

Last week we saw many brands engaging and discussing their challenges and successes at our forum. With speakers from DamanVISAP&GCitizens Bank (US), Activative (UK) and Sponsorium, attendees were able to openly speak about how to better develop their activities, evaluate and measure their effectiveness with science based Return On Objectives (ROO) rather than through the selective ROI method. As well as reviewing best brand activation trends from 2015, with sponsorships embracing social themes to grow their audiences while ensuring they optimize community investment opportunities.

Thanks to all who attended. 


Sponsorship Forum 1

Sponsorship Forum 2

Sponsorship Forum 3

Sponsorship Forum

UAE Sponsorium Forum

19 February 2016|

The 2nd Sponsorium Forum in the UAE will be kindly hosted by National Health Insurance Company – Daman on 11th April 2016 at Yas Marina Race Circuit, Media Centre. This forum shares the same purpose as other Sponsorium forums (London, New York, Miami and Toronto), to facilitate a brands-only environment allowing peers to share knowledge. This not a media event and no media will be invited.

This half day forum is exclusively for sponsorship, community investment and CSR leaders, from the corporate and government institutions.

Learn from 5 senior corporate managers and international experts about how they tackle the following subjects:

• How to bring Commercial Sponsorship & Social Objectives together.
• What are the latest Global Sponsorship Activation Trends.
• How to measure your Return on Objectives.

The forum will convene passionate experts, many of whom are using the PerforMind™ cloud solution (provided by SPONSORIUM), at the centre of their sponsorship and community investment strategy. You will be able to attend all day or share the day with a colleague.

Agenda & registration click here

For further information, please contact Dawn Flaherty (

Sponsorium Partners with Belgian Sponsorship Awards

15 July 2015|

Sponsorium is delighted to partner with The Belgian Sponsorship Awards which will be held on January 14th 2016 at Hotel Le Plaza in Brussels.
The Awards will be a unique platform to showcase the best arts, societal, music or sports sponsorships in Belgium.

Last year’s Awards were won by AB Inbev, for their Jupiler case Road to Rio. The case then went on to represent Belgium at the European Sponsorship Association’s Best of Europe Awards where it won 3rd place in its category.

The Awards have also announced several new categories for brands to enter in. These include Best Music sponsorship to acknowledge the many great sponsorships in music festivals and live music, Best Employee Engagement and a special award for Belgium’s Sponsorship Personality Of The Year. The awards will also show that great sponsorship does not always need a big budget by honouring the sponsorship with the best Return On Objectives (ROO), demonstrating effectiveness.


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    Learning Environments are attracting more Brand Partnerships

Learning Environments are attracting more Brand Partnerships

14 May 2015|

Speakers at the 2nd Sponsorium London Forum this week, shared further examples of how important Learning Environments are to the objectives of Corporate Sponsorship and Community Investment Partnerships. All speakers including British Gas, DP World, RBS, Nordea Bank and Swisscom, together with an audience of a further 20 brands, shared this common theme. The first was to continue to develop Child and Youth projects in Literacy and Numeracy. The second was to bring this alive in real-life working environments.

The project Me&MyCity which recently won the 2014 World Innovation Award for Education is a very good example of the type of projects that are inviting brands to participate with them to create a real life scenario for children. Such projects of course do not bring a partner ROI, but with the right criteria it is possible to see how partnering brands do achieve a Return On Objectives or ROO.



Tomi Alakoski, Founder Me&MyCity

Ability to Activate is Top Criteria for Brands

13 May 2015|

Benchmarks shared at 2nd Sponsorium London Forum this week revealed that the most valued sponsorship criteria by brands is the Ability to Activate. Data from nearly 50,000 sponsorships across 158 countries and every conceivable sector (arts, sports, trade shows, etc), were evaluated against 120 different brands criteria. The ability to activate is seen as further evidence that brands see sponsorship as platforms to develop their own experiential environments, create storytelling, generation leads and data.

Mark Cornish VP of Alliances at Sponsorium who presented the latest Benchmarks in London added that “Many event owners and properties have recognised that brands need greater flexibility in order for them to fulfil their objectives. However he adds that “Recognising the need is one thing acting upon it is another”.

Of the 14 different sponsorship sectors identified in the Benchmarks, Festivals, Fairs and Consumers shows were the best performers in terms of meetings brands criteria and providing a cost effective sponsorship solution. Why? Well Sponsorium puts it down to a number of factors the first being these sectors are natural habitats for activation, social engagement, reaching selective target groups who attend with intent to purchase.

Tom Rieder, Head of Sponsorship Swisscom


12 September 2014|

Over the years, SPONSORIUM spokespersons have given dozens of conferences on evaluation in all markets. It has been for us an opportunity to address one of the fundamental issues in our industry : how do we measure all forms of sponsorships which include commercial sponsorships, community investments, grants, donations, philanthropy? And what kind of insights can we share with everyone?

SPONSORIUM has introduced the concept of ROO (Return-On-Objectives) in the market place some years back. This ROO concept has given industry professionals the opportunity to better understand a) why they do sponsorship or community investments in the first place and b) how to measure against weighted objectives. It has given the industry the only measure that can tell how well, in percentage (%), brand objectives are met.

SPONSORIUM continues to share its knowledge for the betterment of the sponsorship industry.

List of Conferences with SPONSORIUM Input

12 September 2014|

SPONSORIUM continues to share its knowledge for the betterment of the sponsorship industry.

LBG Canada Annual Conference
Calgary, Canada
23-24 September 2014

Presenter :
Sébastien Auger, Vice President, Sales and Partnerships, Americas. Sebastien will participate in a panel discussion on the role and benefits of technology in the Community Investment industry. SPONSORIUM is partner of LBG Canada as PerforMind is used by many member companies for auditing, reporting and evaluation of their Community Investment processes and activities.

London, UK
19 May 2014

Presenter :
Mark Cornish, Vice President, Sales and Partnerships, EMEA. Mark will present the latest insights from the Sponsorium Report to a roster of customers, prospects and alliances. An array of international speakers will share their knowledge, expert training will be given to PerforMind users and a special session will allow potential users to get familiar with our performance indicator.

Montréal, Canada
26 February 2014

Presenter :
Paul Pednault, President and Founder, SPONSORIUM. Paul will present to an audience of major rights holders the evaluation methodology used by sponsors to weigh their options. He will explain how the use of PerforMind empowers the sponsors and help them increase their sponsorship and community investments.

Annual SPONSORIUM Conference
Miami, USA
9-12 February 2014

SPONSORIUM held its annual Conference in Miami from 9th to 12th February 2014. Inaugured with the SPONSORIUM Awards and Banquet, it then rolled for the next days into presentations from a variety of international speakers, case studies and master classes for its customers, special sessions for its alliances and guidance for its marketing staff.

Corporate Citizenship Conference
Auckland, New Zealand
25 June 2013

Paul Pednault, President and Founder, and Ian Jickell, Senior Director, Business Development, SPONSORIUM.
Paul and Ian will demonstrate how SPONSORIUM is helping the Corporate Citizenship industry by supporting brands through improved measurement, justification to the board, and overall governance.

IMG/Sports Business Journal
New York, USA
3-4 October 2012

Seth Leeds, Head of Strategic Development, SPONSORIUM. Seth will share SPONSORIUM’s globally-tested evaluation methodology for sponsorship decision makers.

Western Sponsorship Congress
Calgary, Canada
16-17 October 2012

Sébastien Auger, Vice President, Business Development, Canada, SPONSORIUM. Sébastien will share knowledge and insights and invite some SPONSORIUM customers to comment on the benefits of using the SPONSORIUM methodology for their respective businesses.

Asia Pacific Sports Business Conference
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
18-19 July 2012

Phil Gibson, Senior Director, Business Development, Asia, SPONSORIUM. Phil will head a workshop on current evaluation methods to an audience of sponsors only. The goal is to show that sport sponsorship can easily be measured against a series of weighted criteria (KPIs) and show a return on objectives.

Corporate Community Involvement Conference
Boston, USA
18 – 20 July 2012

Jessica Avignone, Senior Director, Business Development, SPONSORIUM. Jessica will share SPONSORIUM’s globally-tested evaluation methodology for Community Investment professionals.

Sponsorship – Evaluation and Measurement
Doha, Qatar
29th and 30th January 2012

Mark Cornish, Head of Global Marketing and Support, SPONSORIUM. Mark will give a series of workshops on sponsorship evaluation and measurement to sponsors and rights holders.

Western Sponsorship Congress
25-26 October 2011

Paul Pednault, President and Founder, SPONSORIUM. Paul will deliver his winning presentation “The Shortest Route to ROI is ROO”.

RDV Commandite, Info-Presse
20 October 2011

Speaker :
Paul Pednault, President and Founder, SPONSORIUM. Paul will give a conference on sponsorship performance measurement, what are the lessons learned from the use of the PerforMind tool in recent years and how can corporate sponsors benefit from this experience.

Asia Pacific Sports Conference
27-28 September 2011

Paul Pednault, President and Founder, SPONSORIUM. Paul will participate in a panel covering “What do sponsors really want? Balancing sponsor and rights holders objectives”.

Corporate Community Involvement Conference
San Francisco, USA
July 28-29, 2011

Paul Pednault, President and Founder and Seth Leeds, Sr. Director, Business Development, SPONSORIUM. Paul will deliver his winning presentation “The Shortest Route to ROI is ROO”. Seth will present case studies of brands using strategy in their community involvements.

Sponsorship Seminar
Helsinki, Finland
25 May 2011


  • Ben Treadaway, Client Services Manager, SPONSORIUM. Ben will give highlights of the latest SPONSORIUM Report – Measuring Global Sponsorship Performance.
  • Simon Breakell, Sponsorship PR & Events Manager, E.ON, SPONSORIUM customer. Simon will address “Promoting Corporate Sustainability Initiatives in Changing Brand Perceptions”.
  • John Scade, MAS Business and Knowledge Transfer Associate, SPONSORIUM. John will lead us from “Philanthropy to strategic Corporate Community Investment”.
  • Paul Pednault, President and Founder, SPONSORIUM. Paul will deliver his winning presentation “The Shortest Route to ROI is ROO”.