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    Partnership Evaluator Certification Exclusive to new International Workshop Series

Partnership Evaluator Certification Exclusive to new International Workshop Series

12 January 2017|

Credentials to be Earned in Sponsorship and Community Investment Evaluation Methodology

 MONTREAL, January 12, 2017 – Brands have long sought out a global standard for the consistent evaluation of their Sponsorship and Community Investment portfolios.  SPONSORIUM International, leading provider of cloud software for management, measurement, and reporting of Sponsorships and Community Investment, announced its new workshop series for the certification of participants in partnership assessment methodology.

In all, 47 different workshop cities in 30 countries are part of this global tour, including several in the US, Canada, Germany and Brazil. The full list of workshops can be viewed here.

SPONSORIUM has assembled a group of evaluation experts from the Sponsorship and Community Investment industry that will instruct attendees in the science and art of integrating weighted criteria into their strategies. At the end of the half-day session, participants will have created a customized scorecard unique to their brand and corporate department.

“Sharing a standard Partnership Assessment methodology that works for all brands not only helps Sponsorship and Community Investment Directors make data-based decisions and substantiate their portfolios, it also empowers them in their careers,” explains Paul Pednault, Founder and President of SPONSORIUM.

Current users of the evaluation methodology taught in SPONSORIUM workshops have reported back that they improved the value of their Sponsorship or Community Investment portfolios by 10%-40% in their first year of use without any new budget infusion.

Workshop participants will also benefit from examining industry benchmarks and actual data aggregated from SPONSORIUM’s global database of brand spending, evaluation averages, and sector-by-sector analysis.


SPONSORIUM provides online Sponsorship and Community Investment Management software to brands in more than 55 countries. The PerforMind™ system allows corporations to efficiently and consistently evaluate, manage and report on upcoming and current partnerships. The PerforMind™ suite of tools lets industry professionals focus on adding value by improving partnerships and enriching communities, rather than getting mired in the mundane aspects of data management, “freeing their hands and inspiring their heads,” as founder Paul Pednault puts it.

SPONSORIUM is independent from consulting. It is privately funded, product-oriented and focuses on knowledge transfer. SPONSORIUM is the industry-leading investor in research and development and offers the ultimate online management software for engaging in sponsorship and corporate citizenship. Its PerforMind™ tool has been peer reviewed and improved since 2002.


1 November 2016|


Since 1998 hundreds of brands have attended SPONSORIUM MasterClass Workshops around the world.  The need to add more science to the art of Sponsorship and Community Investment is relevant today and so the purpose of the workshops continues to: help brands set objectives, weight criteria and evaluate against ROO (Return-On-Objectives).

During the workshops attendees benefit from using the latest technology, the market leading cloud solution PerforMind™, licensed to many leading brands including BMW, Emirates, Ford, HSBC and Mastercard.


Attendees come from a variety of regional, national and global corporations, often with multiple brands and industry backgrounds. Our attendees come from both B2B and B2C markets and are typically mid to senior management level, responsible for corporate communications, sponsorship and/or community investment.

As many of today’s sponsorships and community investments are integrated, it is very common to have more than one attendee per company.


From our experience running hundreds of workshops, we have observed that people attend for different reasons. Here are a few:

A new strategy on the horizon – As part of any strategic review it is important to get a full grasp and picture about why we invest and what are the benefits in doing so, Sponsorium Workshops help to play a part in the review and future development of a plan. In essence it is knowledge transfer that you would not get at the office.

Review Portfolio – How can we review our portfolio performance and improve upon it? Many attendees have large portfolios of events, projects and campaigns. The Sponsorium Workshops provides a method and structure to evaluate all projects no matter how large or small. Portfolio performance has often resulted in a 10-40% improvement by simply applying the methods learnt.

Looking for a new way to evaluate – Often considered to be the ultimate challenge, how do we evaluate Sponsorship and Community projects? The Sponsorium Workshops allow attendees to develop a broad set of criteria and method (ROO), that takes into ALL objectives into account. From hard sales and lead generation targets to softer benefits such as employee morale and engagement.

Share knowledge and educate management – Most people who become engaged with your projects internally are not sponsorship or community investment experts. Yet they play a key role in the success of your project and reporting back the results. The Sponsorium Workshops will help you create, and apply, an easy to understand methodology across your business.

Personal development – Many of us are looking to learn and become better at what we do. The Sponsorium Workshops act as a training day for many attendees who wish to develop their career.

A big renewal coming up – Some attendees have one big Sponsorship or Community Investment, with many different activations leading into and out of the property. Every 1-3 years these large investments require a major review and the Sponsorium Workshops allow attendees to develop a very specific evaluation criteria to measure success and set future goals.


  1. Challenge yourself, or your team, with 100 Sponsorship or Community Investment criteria.
  2. Weight those criteria that are relevant to you and create an instant customized scorecard.
  3. Evaluate current files against your weighted criteria.
  4. Add in your rights fees and activation spend.
  5. Create a three-dimensional matrix based upon score, cost efficiency and a comparable to your portfolio average.
  6. Learn how to increase the value of your sponsorship or community portfolio by 10-40%, without a budget increase.
  7. Receive dynamic take home results and one-on-one coaching throughout the workshop.
  8. Learn about industry benchmarks based upon aggregated data from past workshops.
  9. Receive a MasterClass Certification on Sponsorship or Community Assessment.
  10. Discover superior, user-friendly software tools and evaluation secrets


In the next few days we will announce the list of global cities where Sponsorium MasterClass Workshops will be held.


MasterClass Workshops take place in an IT classroom with other brands. If however, you feel a more customized workshop approach would be better for your company and your team, please contact Mark Cornish at



11 October 2016|

Users of PerforMind are all over the world. Brands like Toyota, MasterCard, The Home Depot and others, are using this tool to efficiently manage and evaluate their sponsorship and community portfolios.

These user teams come together with their peers from time to time on a regional basis, to engage around an agenda provided by SPONSORIUM. Just this Fall there are meetings in New York, London, Dubai, and Stockholm!

For the benefit of the industry, here are some of the lessons that these marketers took away from their Forum:

1. Automated Evaluation: A number of users shared success stories of how they have implemented their own (or their agency’s) sponsorship scorecard into PerforMind. The system is able to automate their previously only manual evaluation, and still provide the score output they are familiar with…but with the added benefits of online sharing and collaboration.

2. Impact Reporting: So much of what brands try to understand from their target audiences, a key reason for the partnership being created in the first place, often comes after the program is concluded. For that reason, Forum attendees exchanged on how they’ve used PerforMind to create and aggregate post-event or impact reports through a combination of stakeholder and third party evaluations and built-in surveys.

3. Flexibility: Newer users that attend the Forum are regularly surprised by the extreme amount of customization that they themselves control in PerforMind. During the small group learning breakouts that take place at every Forum, users work directly with SPONSORIUM engineers and support staff to test new features and understand how to use them as well as make the changes they need on the fly.

4. Benchmarking with ‘The Grid’: PerforMind methodology continues to be the standard for evaluation around the world. The Grid view allows a brand to compare simultaneously how well its portfolio of projects meet its objectives versus its relative cost. The comparison model allows for the continuous benchmarking of performance with the opportunity for new partnerships.


5. A Multitude of Uses: PerforMind users love sharing the various other projects that they have employed their tool for. Media proposals/partnerships, Employee Engagement, and even internal corporate ideas for innovation lead the round table discussions.

Learning is a two-way street. Therefore a critical portion of every SPONSORIUM Forum centers on attendees dreaming about what might be possible in PerforMind and sharing those ideas directly with the engineering team. This process ensures the tool is truly peer-reviewed and at the forefront of its industry.

Hear from many PerforMind using brands here:

Stockholm SPONSORIUM Forum 2016

1 September 2016|

This half day forum is for brands-only and those responsible for sponsorship, community investment and corporate responsibility.

The 7th Sponsorium Forum will be kindly hosted by Nordea on 17th October 2016 in the centre of Stockholm and just five minutes walk from the Arlanda Express. Like other Sponsorium Forums (in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, London, New York, Miami and Toronto), the purpose is to share and transfer knowledge amongst peers. This is not a media event and no media will be invited.

Our four guest speakers will talk about how they are bridging Commercial Sponsorship and Social Objectives by sharing:

Strategic developments
Case studies and implementation
Global activation trends

The Sponsorium Forum will convene passionate experts, many of whom are using the PerforMind™ cloud solution (provided by SPONSORIUM), at the centre of their sponsorship and community investment strategy.

Agenda & registration click here.

For further information, please contact Marta Kropielnicka (

Etihad educates the Sponsorship Market

22 July 2016|

By its very nature sponsorship is most effective delivering across multiple objectives and there lies the challenge. The need to educate event organisers, sponsorship agents and properties to the broader criteria of a sponsoring brand has never been more important.

Quoted earlier this year in The National, Patrick Pierce Vice President, Sponsorship at Etihad commented, “We need to have more discipline in our selection process – we can’t be all things to all people in all geographies in all times, it’s not sustainable”.

As part of the selection process Etihad recognised the need to educate the global sponsorship market and in return receive more targeted opportunities. Recently Etihad launched an online process for receiving proposals the purpose of which is to explain the role of sponsorship, what Etihad are looking for and the restrictions and limitations.

Many great sponsorship opportunities or ideas fail because they have not understood the needs of the brand, or lack the expertise to submit a convincing business case. The process put in place by Etihad not only gives everyone exactly the same opportunity, it provides guidance, structure and the opportunity to express themselves.

UAE SPONSORIUM Sponsorship and CSR Forum 2016

22 April 2016|

Last week we saw many brands engaging and discussing their challenges and successes at our forum. With speakers from DamanVISAP&GCitizens Bank (US), Activative (UK) and Sponsorium, attendees were able to openly speak about how to better develop their activities, evaluate and measure their effectiveness with science based Return On Objectives (ROO) rather than through the selective ROI method. As well as reviewing best brand activation trends from 2015, with sponsorships embracing social themes to grow their audiences while ensuring they optimize community investment opportunities.

Thanks to all who attended. 


Sponsorship Forum 1

Sponsorship Forum 2

Sponsorship Forum 3

Sponsorship Forum

UAE Sponsorium Forum

19 February 2016|

The 2nd Sponsorium Forum in the UAE will be kindly hosted by National Health Insurance Company – Daman on 11th April 2016 at Yas Marina Race Circuit, Media Centre. This forum shares the same purpose as other Sponsorium forums (London, New York, Miami and Toronto), to facilitate a brands-only environment allowing peers to share knowledge. This not a media event and no media will be invited.

This half day forum is exclusively for sponsorship, community investment and CSR leaders, from the corporate and government institutions.

Learn from 5 senior corporate managers and international experts about how they tackle the following subjects:

• How to bring Commercial Sponsorship & Social Objectives together.
• What are the latest Global Sponsorship Activation Trends.
• How to measure your Return on Objectives.

The forum will convene passionate experts, many of whom are using the PerforMind™ cloud solution (provided by SPONSORIUM), at the centre of their sponsorship and community investment strategy. You will be able to attend all day or share the day with a colleague.

Agenda & registration click here

For further information, please contact Dawn Flaherty (

Sponsorium Partners with Belgian Sponsorship Awards

15 July 2015|

Sponsorium is delighted to partner with The Belgian Sponsorship Awards which will be held on January 14th 2016 at Hotel Le Plaza in Brussels.
The Awards will be a unique platform to showcase the best arts, societal, music or sports sponsorships in Belgium.

Last year’s Awards were won by AB Inbev, for their Jupiler case Road to Rio. The case then went on to represent Belgium at the European Sponsorship Association’s Best of Europe Awards where it won 3rd place in its category.

The Awards have also announced several new categories for brands to enter in. These include Best Music sponsorship to acknowledge the many great sponsorships in music festivals and live music, Best Employee Engagement and a special award for Belgium’s Sponsorship Personality Of The Year. The awards will also show that great sponsorship does not always need a big budget by honouring the sponsorship with the best Return On Objectives (ROO), demonstrating effectiveness.


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    Learning Environments are attracting more Brand Partnerships

Learning Environments are attracting more Brand Partnerships

14 May 2015|

Speakers at the 2nd Sponsorium London Forum this week, shared further examples of how important Learning Environments are to the objectives of Corporate Sponsorship and Community Investment Partnerships. All speakers including British Gas, DP World, RBS, Nordea Bank and Swisscom, together with an audience of a further 20 brands, shared this common theme. The first was to continue to develop Child and Youth projects in Literacy and Numeracy. The second was to bring this alive in real-life working environments.

The project Me&MyCity which recently won the 2014 World Innovation Award for Education is a very good example of the type of projects that are inviting brands to participate with them to create a real life scenario for children. Such projects of course do not bring a partner ROI, but with the right criteria it is possible to see how partnering brands do achieve a Return On Objectives or ROO.



Tomi Alakoski, Founder Me&MyCity

Ability to Activate is Top Criteria for Brands

13 May 2015|

Benchmarks shared at 2nd Sponsorium London Forum this week revealed that the most valued sponsorship criteria by brands is the Ability to Activate. Data from nearly 50,000 sponsorships across 158 countries and every conceivable sector (arts, sports, trade shows, etc), were evaluated against 120 different brands criteria. The ability to activate is seen as further evidence that brands see sponsorship as platforms to develop their own experiential environments, create storytelling, generation leads and data.

Mark Cornish VP of Alliances at Sponsorium who presented the latest Benchmarks in London added that “Many event owners and properties have recognised that brands need greater flexibility in order for them to fulfil their objectives. However he adds that “Recognising the need is one thing acting upon it is another”.

Of the 14 different sponsorship sectors identified in the Benchmarks, Festivals, Fairs and Consumers shows were the best performers in terms of meetings brands criteria and providing a cost effective sponsorship solution. Why? Well Sponsorium puts it down to a number of factors the first being these sectors are natural habitats for activation, social engagement, reaching selective target groups who attend with intent to purchase.

Tom Rieder, Head of Sponsorship Swisscom