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1 09, 2016

Stockholm SPONSORIUM Forum 2016

1 September 2016|

This half day forum is for brands-only and those responsible for sponsorship, community investment and corporate responsibility.

The 7th Sponsorium Forum will be kindly hosted by Nordea on 17th October 2016 in the centre of Stockholm and just five minutes […]

22 07, 2016

Etihad educates the Sponsorship Market

22 July 2016|

By its very nature sponsorship is most effective delivering across multiple objectives and there lies the challenge. The need to educate event organisers, sponsorship agents and properties to the broader criteria of a sponsoring brand has never been more […]

21 12, 2015

Year-end Data: Top 10 Sports Sponsorships

21 December 2015|

There are only 10 days left in 2015 and it feels like there really haven’t been that many Top 10 lists out there, so here’s a special Marketing:Sports version.

This list is 100% based on our […]

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    Learning Environments are attracting more Brand Partnerships

14 05, 2015

Learning Environments are attracting more Brand Partnerships

14 May 2015|

Speakers at the 2nd Sponsorium London Forum this week, shared further examples of how important Learning Environments are to the objectives of Corporate Sponsorship and Community Investment Partnerships. All speakers including

4 08, 2014

Education activities make up 43% of Community Investment activities

4 August 2014|

sponsorium-report-july-communityAlthough PerforMind data reveals declines in Education and Youth-based initiatives, this sector remains the largest (in terms of overall number of activities) by a significant margin. Wide numbers of brands in […]

4 08, 2014

No change in overall Average Donation Amounts

4 August 2014|

sponsorium-report-july-communityJust as the SPONSORIUM Report shares strong financial growth in one sector of Community Investment (Mentally/Physically Disabled or Challenged), others have decreased their average amount donated (Community Events). Many of the […]

4 08, 2014

$31,588 = Average Donation Amount for Mentally/Physically Disabled causes

4 August 2014|

sponsorium-report-july-communityThe largest grouping of philanthropic donations, grants, and in-kind gifts that PerforMind sees are those in a range between $10,000 and $100,000. Within that group, the sector with the largest growth […]

4 08, 2014

Community Events is leading sector for ROO

4 August 2014|

sponsorium-report-july-communityElsewhere in this report, data shared that average amounts donated for Community Events has declined (-8%) this year, however, it is this same sector that met the highest level of corporate […]

4 08, 2014

Volume of Health related activities up 4% over last year

4 August 2014|

sponsorium-report-july-communityAmong the most popular sectors of Community Investment (as measured by number of activities tracked by PerforMind – over 11,000 in total this year), only Health experienced significant growth (4%). Brands […]

2 07, 2014

0% = Average change in ROO for Environmental projects

2 July 2014|

sponsorium-report-june-communityOver the last four years and beyond, Brazil’s most well known cause has been deforestation. The destruction of rainforests has significant impact and groups around the world focus on solutions every […]