By its very nature sponsorship is most effective delivering across multiple objectives and there lies the challenge. The need to educate event organisers, sponsorship agents and properties to the broader criteria of a sponsoring brand has never been more important.

Quoted earlier this year in The National, Patrick Pierce Vice President, Sponsorship at Etihad commented, “We need to have more discipline in our selection process – we can’t be all things to all people in all geographies in all times, it’s not sustainable”.

As part of the selection process Etihad recognised the need to educate the global sponsorship market and in return receive more targeted opportunities. Recently Etihad launched an online process for receiving proposals the purpose of which is to explain the role of sponsorship, what Etihad are looking for and the restrictions and limitations.

Many great sponsorship opportunities or ideas fail because they have not understood the needs of the brand, or lack the expertise to submit a convincing business case. The process put in place by Etihad not only gives everyone exactly the same opportunity, it provides guidance, structure and the opportunity to express themselves.