The essence of “#GivingTuesday” is about inspiring people to support causes and helping others, after what is traditionally a weekend of shopping and spending frenzies. Just as the retail, and now e-commerce, worlds prepare for and expect significant increases in sales this time of year, the non-profit world has benefitted exponentially from the #GivingTuesday movement, which has become global.

On an individual basis, people tend to donate to causes close to their heart, and are not interested in returns, other than the feeling of having done something to help. The same just cannot be said for corporate philanthropy.

It is well documented that brands, in order to more deeply connect to and keep their consumers, must be philanthropic and reputation-aware. However, it is also now a need for brands (because of their boards, stakeholders, employees) to create similarly measurable and inherent partnerships through their giving to non-profits.

The ability to capture how well each of these partnerships meets brand standards, as well as how well donations or grants impact their intended beneficiary, is paramount, and its really an art. Furthermore, it is often tied to the future success (and budget growth) of the Community Relations department of a company.

Global brands are certainly participating in #GivingTuesday, but those that are giving strategically and measuring their success with key objectives are certainly creating deeper impact with their non-profit partners and consumer bases.

PerforMind™ helps brands’ Community Relations teams demonstrate their success through advanced measurement and reporting, allowing you to ignite your art, but deliver with science.