Matthew Lariviere

Marketing Coordinator

Matthew recently graduated from Concordia’s John Molson School of Business, he has since moved on to pursuing a Graduate Diploma in Applied Marketing at McGill University.

The interdisciplinary nature of his undergraduate program has allowed him to develop a solid knowledge of business as well as the ability to be a capable problem solver and decision maker.

Majoring  in International Business has exposed him to the complexities of international dimensions in several disciplines such as management, finance and marketing. The program has also prepared him for challenges of a complex multicultural, multilingual and globally competitive environment.

His minor in Marketing along with its integration in his majors curriculum has significantly broadened his understanding of marketing and its role in a corporation’s value chain. This along with his working experience in areas such as promotions, social media marketing, sales, event planning and market research has significantly cultivated and reassured his passion to pursue a successful career in marketing.