SportBusiness Group, the leading supplier of information and data to companies working in sport, and PerforMind™, the cloud-based evaluation tool, have signed a strategic alliance to provide a new service to the sports hosts community.

PerforMind™ enables any sports host – whether it be a city, regional authority or tourist board – to better manage proposals received by rights holders and evaluate events after they have happened, ranking an event’s key performance indicators against a host’s own internal Return-On-Objective criteria.

Using the expertise of in-house SportBusiness Intelligence consultants, the service can be tailored to suit any host making it an essential tool in the decision-making process, ensuring thorough due diligence, good governance and strategic planning for hosting prospective events and those already taken place.

Commenting on the agreement, Ben Speight, head of SportBusiness Group said: “SportBusiness Group’s raison d’être is to enable companies in the sports industry to be more effective and profitable. The PerforMind™ tool fits perfectly with our stable of products and is a great addition to our event services consultancy offer. PerforMind™ has an outstanding track record with this service with corporates evaluating sponsorship deals and we look forward to introducing this to our clients in the hosting sector, starting at SportAccord Convention in Sochi.”

“Hosting events no matter the size requires effective and efficient evaluation. With this you are armed to not simply retain your budgets but grow”, said Paul Pednault, Founder of PerforMind™. “We look forward to a successful relationship with SportBusiness Group”

For more information on the service or to arrange a demonstration, please contact David Hunt (

Published date:
9 APRIL 2015

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