MIAMI – February 9, 2014 – The new SPONSORIUM logo was unveiled at the SPONSORIUM Awards Ceremony in Miami on 9 February 2014 in front of an audience of customers, City of Miami’s Mayor and dignitaries, strategic alliances and the network of SPONSORIUM staff.

Our former logo :    

Our new logo :        

What it means

The new SPONSORIUM logo embodies our company’s values, including dynamism, transparency and simplicity. The bold letters demonstrate strength, the italics speed and the rounded typefaces flexibility. The black colour inspires a sense of neutrality and confidentiality. We selected a softer blue to show our concern for sustainability.

The ligature between the U and the M signifies :

- Partnership
- Trust
- Training

The blue parentheses represent :

- Knowledge transfer
- Evaluation
- Forward movement, forward thinking

Other meanings in relation to our target markets :

- One is for sponsorhip
- One is for community investments

Other meanings in relation to our tagline :

- One is for ignite your art
- One is for deliver with science

Some could say that the new logo looks like a bullet train.