Credentials to be Earned in Sponsorship and Community Investment Evaluation Methodology

 MONTREAL, January 12, 2017 – Brands have long sought out a global standard for the consistent evaluation of their Sponsorship and Community Investment portfolios.  SPONSORIUM International, leading provider of cloud software for management, measurement, and reporting of Sponsorships and Community Investment, announced its new workshop series for the certification of participants in partnership assessment methodology.

In all, 47 different workshop cities in 30 countries are part of this global tour, including several in the US, Canada, Germany and Brazil. The full list of workshops can be viewed here.

SPONSORIUM has assembled a group of evaluation experts from the Sponsorship and Community Investment industry that will instruct attendees in the science and art of integrating weighted criteria into their strategies. At the end of the half-day session, participants will have created a customized scorecard unique to their brand and corporate department.

“Sharing a standard Partnership Assessment methodology that works for all brands not only helps Sponsorship and Community Investment Directors make data-based decisions and substantiate their portfolios, it also empowers them in their careers,” explains Paul Pednault, Founder and President of SPONSORIUM.

Current users of the evaluation methodology taught in SPONSORIUM workshops have reported back that they improved the value of their Sponsorship or Community Investment portfolios by 10%-40% in their first year of use without any new budget infusion.

Workshop participants will also benefit from examining industry benchmarks and actual data aggregated from SPONSORIUM’s global database of brand spending, evaluation averages, and sector-by-sector analysis.


SPONSORIUM provides online Sponsorship and Community Investment Management software to brands in more than 55 countries. The PerforMind™ system allows corporations to efficiently and consistently evaluate, manage and report on upcoming and current partnerships. The PerforMind™ suite of tools lets industry professionals focus on adding value by improving partnerships and enriching communities, rather than getting mired in the mundane aspects of data management, “freeing their hands and inspiring their heads,” as founder Paul Pednault puts it.

SPONSORIUM is independent from consulting. It is privately funded, product-oriented and focuses on knowledge transfer. SPONSORIUM is the industry-leading investor in research and development and offers the ultimate online management software for engaging in sponsorship and corporate citizenship. Its PerforMind™ tool has been peer reviewed and improved since 2002.