Monthly View into Actual Sponsorship and Community Investment Data from Hundreds of Brands

MONTREAL – DECEMBER 3, 2013 – The subject of Disaster Relief has unfortunately been a relevant one this past month. Data reviewed in this month’s SPONSORIUM Report examines the requests that brands receive in response to natural disasters and humanitarian causes. Both the Airline and Retail sectors see the highest requested amounts, at $29,000 per request, while brands from the Financial industry, Utilities, and Others average at least $10,000 less.

The Report, published monthly by SPONSORIUM International, the world’s leading Sponsorship and Community Investment management software provider, also measures more traditional sponsorship, and starting this month available in two separate reports. From the world of Sports, data displayed how well brand objectives are met by opportunities and partnerships, per country. Spain ranks highest with Sports activities reaching on average 62% of sponsor objectives.

The SPONSORIUM Report publishes data and insights globally, as well as regionally for many countries including the United States, Europe, and Canada, to improve benchmarking ability in the Sponsorship and Community Investment industries.

In an effort to better serve companies, their agency partners and the groups they support, the Report has been restructured into separate reports for Sponsorship and Community Investment. This is more efficient for readers per industry and aligns with the differing budgets, staff, and objectives of most companies.

Experts from the field, either in Sponsorship and Marketing or Community Investment and Corporate Citizenship are often quoted in the Report to provide additional reaction to the data SPONSORIUM aggregates.

November’s Report uses data collected from the current year – nearly 35,000 opportunities and partnerships all taking place between January and June (2013), in 145 different countries. The data is collected from the PerforMind™ platform, which over 250 brands around the world rely on to track and evaluate their own Sponsorship, CSR and Community Investment activities.

“The SPONSORIUM Report, now in separated reports to better handle the respective Sponsorship and Community Investment industry readers, delivers to one of the main similarities between them – the need for benchmarking against actual data,” said Paul Pednault, Founder and President of SPONSORIUM.

“The November edition, both for Sponsorship as well as Community Investment, examines very relevant topics, which is only achieved by relying on real-time data. Disaster Relief is an unfortunate reality of our world, and it weighs heavily on corporations to respond,” said Seth Leeds, Editor of the SPONSORIUM Report.

The SPONSORIUM Report publishes monthly, and is available for download via the website: or found in the Reports & Statistics area of the PerforMind™ management solution.

SPONSORIUM provides Sponsorship and Community Investment Management systems to brands in more than 40 countries. The PerforMind™ platform allows corporations to efficiently and consistently evaluate, manage and report on upcoming and current partnerships. SPONSORIUM empowers industry professionals to dedicate their time to improving partnerships and enriching communities through value-added tasks, not clerical work.

SPONSORIUM is independent from consulting. It is privately funded, product-oriented and focuses on knowledge transfer. SPONSORIUM has invested more than any other in research and development and offers the ultimate online management solution for engaging in sponsorship and corporate citizenship. Its PerforMind™ tool is constantly evolving as result of suggestions brought up by its elite network of users from around the world.