Montreal and London: SPONSORIUM today announced its continued support of the UK Sponsorship Awards 2017, being held this upcoming March. 2017 would mark the fifth year of the partnership.

SPONSORIUM Founder Paul Pednault said, “We remain dedicated to the development and promotion of the UK sponsorship industry.”

In past UK Sponsorship Awards galas, SPONSORIUM has presented the award for the category of Charity and Community Engagement Sponsorship, where a number of clients excel as they have brought more measurement to their projects.

Prior to the 2017 Awards evening SPONSORIUM will also host an exclusive briefing for attendees. The company’s primary business solution,
PerforMind™, the premier sponsorship management and measurement tool for brands and agencies, also aggregates unique industry data from around the globe.

During the briefing SPONSORIUM will share many of these statistics and benchmarks with the audience including: asking fees versus what is actually paid, budget distribution and how well rights holders meet the needs of the today’s buyers.

Registration details to be announced.