Manage proposals

PerforMind brings a whole new level of ease and efficiency to proposal management. So you no longer simply react to requests, you can devote more energy and resources than ever before to building a portfolio of winning partnerships.

Evaluate ROO

With its unparalleled benchmarking and assessment capabilities, PerforMind gives you an incredibly empowering view of your world. So much so that, on average, companies are able to make ROO improvements in the order of 10 – 40% after only one year of using the software.

Report with confidence

PerforMind lets you build thousands of cross-referenced reports, export data to spreadsheets and access a real time dashboard displaying your portfolio of partnerships. So when the time comes to report to management, you are ready to explain the reasoning and the results behind every investment

The cost

PerforMind is priced by module. You pay for what you use. But then, the decisive factor in subscribing to an online software is not the cost going in but the value coming out. So while PerforMind solutions are available on a software as a service basis at a competitive market price, we guarantee that our product delivers substantially greater value. In fact, if your portfolio’s value doesn’t increase by at least 10% after one year of using the full version of PerforMind, we will refund your investment in full.

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