MasterClass Workshop 

on Partnership Evaluation and Management

Still looking for ROI? Meet ROO.


What are they?

Our Workshops bring quantitative science to the art of Sponsorship and Community Investment, you will learn how to set objectives, weight criteria and evaluate against ROO (Return-On-Objectives), so you can maximize the value of your Partnerships.

Who attends?

Attendees of our Workshops are mid- to senior-level executives in corporate communications, sponsorship and/or community investment from a variety of regional, national and global corporations, both B2B and B2C. We suggest two attendees per company.

Why attend?

Artboard 4Knowledge transfer you will not get anywhere else – Sponsorium Workshops help you gain a broader sense of control and direction for your sponsorship activities by first asking why you invest and what are the benefits in doing so. They then offer a detailed exploration of Sponsorium’s unique quantitative methods and structures in portfolio evaluation. You will never look at the allocation of sponsorship investments the same way again, guaranteed.

Artboard 7Full-spectrum method in evaluation – Often considered to be the ultimate challenge, how do you evaluate Sponsorship and Community projects? Sponsorium Workshops demonstrate how attendees can develop a broad set of criteria and methods (ROO) that take ALL of their portfolio objectives into account, from hard sales and lead generation targets to softer benefits such as employee morale and engagement. Every measure of portfolio success is quantified and readied for objective assessment. It’s an eye opening analytical approach whose power will frankly surprise you.

Artboard 3A big renewal coming up – Some attendees live with the reality of having one single major Sponsorship or Community Investment, with many different activations leading into and out of the partnership. Every few years these large investments require a major review. Sponsorium Workshops allow attendees to develop a very specific set of evaluation criteria to measure success and set future goals, further cementing the partnership.

Artboard 8Fresh strategic thinking in portfolio review – How do we review portfolio performance in order to improve upon it, especially with large, diverse portfolios of events, projects and campaigns? By applying a clear strategic framework and quantitative methods of review, you will obtain a window of understanding into your portfolio no matter how complex. Customers who act upon this newfound insight consistently see 10-40% improvements in portfolio performance with no budget increase.

Artboard 5Analytics. Your best ally in knowledge sharing and stakeholder education – Most people who engage with your projects internally are not sponsorship or community investment experts. Yet they play a key role in the success of your efforts, especially when reporting returns. Sponsorium Workshops help you create and apply analytical methodology across your business, so you are able to explain the value creation process and its results. And you are armed and ready to justify next year’s budget request.

Artboard 6 copy 2Personal development – Many of us are looking to learn and become better at what we do. Sponsorium Workshops act as a training day for many attendees who wish to upgrade their skills with a view to future career development.

Ten benefits and takeaways from our Workshops

  1. Challenge yourself or your team with 100 Sponsorship or Community Investment criteria.

  2. Weigh those criteria that are most relevant to you and create an instant customized scorecard.

  3. Evaluate current files against your weighted criteria.

  4. Add in your rights fees and activation spend.

  5. Create a three-dimensional matrix based upon score, cost efficiency and a comparable to your portfolio average.

  6. Learn how to increase the value of your sponsorship or community portfolio by 10-40%, without a budget increase.

  7. Receive dynamic take-home results and one-on-one coaching throughout the Workshop.

  8. Learn about industry benchmarks based upon aggregated data from Sponsorium’s database.

  9. Receive MasterClass Certification on Sponsorship or Community Assessment.

  10. Discover expert, user-friendly software tools and evaluation secrets.

Artboard 6Prefer a private Workshop?

If you feel a more private workshop approach would be better for your company and your team, please contact

MasterClass Workshop schedule

Time Event Description
09:00 a.m. Registration Bring a few of your business cards with you.
09:15 a.m. Opening Remarks Why should you evaluate? Understanding traditional evaluation methods, will lead us to the SPONSORIUM methodology which you will apply and take back to the office with you.
09:30 a.m. The Science Behind your Work For years SPONSORIUM has shared its knowledge with clients in many countries. You will learn how to use a three dimensional matrix that will help you sort out the Winners from the Low Fit, and the Promising from the Strategic. The SPONSORIUM methodology was developed to help you answer these questions: How can I stay on top of things while tons of proposals are pouring in? Why are we spending so much on these events and projects? How good a return are we getting against our objectives?
09:40 a.m. Increase Your Portfolio’s Value by 10%-40% You want to be on top of your trade, but there are obstacles. Get the most out of your sponsorship and community relations programs. Use this disciplined approach and increase the value of your portfolio without a budget increase.
09:45 a.m. The Art that Makes your Work Come to Life Thanks to special tools developed by SPONSORIUM, what used to take days, even weeks, is now possible within minutes. You will assign weightings to more than 100 possible criteria from a menu of options that will make the selection process a breeze. You will set a weighted Evaluation Grid and create a Web Questionnaire in no time at all, and apply a method used today by brands such as Air France, Emirates, Ford, HSBC and MasterCard. This intuitive program alone will make your day worthwhile – in a relaxed and fun environment – and confirm that you do master your art.
10:15 a.m. Test your Web Questionnaire See how applicants can free you and your staff from time consuming clerical tasks, and how you can generate unique market intelligence.
10:45 a.m. Evaluate Your Portfolio of Active Partnerships Bring your own files. Rank your programs in a way that is consistent with your corporate philosophy. Highlight the strengths and weaknesses of each file. See for yourself how you can improve the value of these projects. Bring a few proposals and test them as well.
12:00 p.m. Conclusion Wrap-up and questions.
12:30 p.m. End of Workshop …but not of our professional relationship.

Some attendees from past SPONSORIUM Workshops

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Sponsorium Workshops are Global

Attend in a Market of Your Choosing

Argentina: Buenos Aires
AustraliaMelbourne, Sidney
Brasil: Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro
Canada: Montréal, Toronto, Vancouver
Chile: Santiago
China: Hong Kong
Colombia: Bogota
Denmark: Copenhagen
Finland: Helsinki
France: Paris
Germany: Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich

: Gurgaon
Ireland: Dublin
Italy: Milano
Japan: Tokyo
Latvia: Riga
Mexico: Mexico City
New ZealandAuckland
Poland: Warsaw
Russia: St-Petersburg
Scotland: Edinburgh