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Jasmin Pednault

Director, Customer Support and Quality Assurance

Marta Kropielnicka

Customer Support Specialist

Marcus Hauf

Customer Support Specialist

Karina Ruffo

Customer Support Specialist

Marissa Charron

Customer Support Specialist

Odine Jean-Baptiste

Customer Support Specialist


Mathieu Vézeau

Chief Technology Officer

Pierre-Yves Levert

Director, Operations & Infrastructure

Rémi Casgrain

Application Architect & Team Lead

Seila Tan

Software Developer

Hector Virla

Software Developer

Benoit Brunette

Quality Assurance Specialist

Benjamin Gerlovin

Software Developer


Jean-Sébastien Pariseau

Executive Attaché

Rachel Boucher

Accounting Director

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Behind all the technology, we're dealing with human beings. In this respect, Sponsorium strives to hire, coach and mentor the best candidates for its business. We're a young and innovative company within the fields of Sponsorship, Community and Grant. We're always on the lookout for talented people.

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