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“The process with PerforMind™ really helped us figure out what was most important. Having the tool in place has given us a benchmark with our existing partnerships as well as with any new proposals. We now have actual rationale.”

Scott Finders, Director of Sponsorship and Experiential Marketing

Saatchi & Saatchi


Toyota previously did not have documented sponsorship and engagement marketing objectives to benchmark against. Although they were undoubtedly experienced in these areas and managing a wide spectrum of partnerships, detailed measurement had only recently become a priority.

Implementing criteria was a critical first step, but Toyota also needed to execute the sponsorship strategies across multiple divisions and regions.

A meeting with Sponsorium immediately introduced a step-by-step process to follow so that Toyota could show the improved efficiency and results they sought.


Toyota and Saatchi first identified scored criteria that could be used to collect important general information from all properties and events. This baseline measurement would be used to identify the strengths and weaknesses of not only incoming proposals, but also their existing portfolio where investment was active. This was especially important to apply to the large number of proposals they receive from executives, which PerforMind™ detected and ensured a response would be sent.

The move to Texas meant that there were many team and personnel changes taking place, so having information, as well as the stored objectives and measurement remain consistent became critical.

Lastly, as reviews of sponsorships took place, Saatchi and other partners were able to create unique supplemental Point-Of-View evaluations with separate criteria based on the appropriate division or even auto model that could be tied to the partnership.

Toyota continues to reap a number of strategic benefits from its use of PerforMind™ :

  • Justified and documented rationale behind sponsorship decision making
  • Significantly enhanced reporting of sponsorship activities and results
  • Price negotiation based on actual alignment with criteria
  • Improved collaboration and communication between agency partners, field, and HQ.

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