We are a family of Sponsorship and Community specialists dedicated to providing you with the ultimate platform. We all take personal pride in developing and constantly improving solutions that respond to your needs. Our primary mission is to empower you to reach your fullest potential.


Paul Pednault
President and CEO
Guy Bureau
Chief Operating Officer


Marc Fisher
Vice President, Business Development and Marketing
Renato Politi
Head of Business Development, Latin America
Dawn Flaherty
Business Development, UAE
Sven Oetzbach
Business Development, Germany, Austria and Switzerland
Arnaud Debisschop
Business Development, Maghreb, French and Latin Europe

Customer support

Jasmin Pednault
Vice President, Product and Customer Service
Marta Kropielnicka
Head of Customer Support
Marcus Hauf
Customer Support Specialist
Karina Ruffo
Customer Support Specialist
Marissa Charron
Customer Support Specialist
Odine Jean-Baptiste
Customer Support Specialist


Mathieu Vézeau
Chief Technology Officer
Pierre-Yves Levert
Director, Operations & Infrastructure
Rémi Casgrain
Application Architect & Team Lead
Seila Tan
Software Developer
Hector Virla
Software Developer
Benoit Brunette
Quality Assurance Specialist
Benjamin Gerlovin
Software Developer


Rachel Boucher
Accounting Director

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As Sponsorium continues to innovate and grow, we are always on the lookout for talented individuals who can make our team even stronger.