Sven Oetzbach

Business Development, Germany, Austria and Switzerland

Sven Oetzbach is our Business Development Director, Germany, Austria and Switzerland. He started his career in financial management, as a banker. He also holds a diploma in sports management and, more than 18 years ago, started acting as an event manager in the media and the sponsorship industry.

He has a good experience leading work teams in the sponsorship, brand partnership and in the media landscape. Sven worked for the German Sports Television and the 2006 FIFA World Cup in Germany, where he has gained a wealth of experience in sponsorship, hospitality and sales. Most recently, he worked for the media company Discovery for more than 10 years and was responsible for the sponsorship and brand partnership department.

Sven is a creative and passionate team player and brings a lot of customer experience. He loves understanding clients’ specific needs and challenges, then coming up with appropriate solutions.

Since childhood Sven has ben a passionate ice hockey player, avid skier, mountain biker and racing cyclist. He lives in Munich with his wife and two kids.