Work smarter, not harder with Blueprint

Learn how to get the most out of your sponsorship portfolio with Sponsorium Blueprint – a 90-day acceleration plan that will show you how to increase the effectiveness of your sponsorship or CSR activities without increasing your budget.

3-month fast track plan to achieving your objectives

What can you expect to achieve upon your first 90 days with Sponsorium by your side?

With the Blueprint plan you will:
  • Take a deep dive into your current activities – and discover how valuable your portfolio really is
  • Leverage the power of your company’s data to make informed decisions on partnerships that deliver against brand objectives
  • Store all of your sponsorship activities in one place
  • Enjoy expert guidance and unlimited support along the way
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We will accompany you every step of the way

Create your updated scorecard

Work with our experts to discover what matters most to your team – and learn how to use that information to create a custom weighted web form that will help you evaluate existing partnerships and new proposals

Consolidate your active partnerships in one place

We’ll help you record your approved partnerships into our software platform so you can access a real time dashboard of your ongoing projects

Rate your portfolio

Our software will automatically rate your partnerships against your weighted criteria to easily identify which ones are aligned with your objectives and which could be improved

Streamline all proposals

As new requests come in, they’ll also be scored against your weighted criteria so you can quickly see which opportunities are the most suitable

Report on your progress with ease

Learn how to use your data to show the effectiveness of your activities. Create custom reports, track your budgets, tell your story

Celebrate your wins

Your team is now equipped to add value to your portfolio and get the recognition it deserves