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1 January 2019

Having fun

Pednault and his team continue to have fun. Because life would be dull without a multitude of sponsored cultural, sports, and community events. Corporations make this world possible. Sponsorium helps its customers make it happen in ways that fit with their corporate goals.


2 March 2002

Software-as-a-service solution

Sponsorium stops producing and selling software and develops a software-as-a-service solution available online. This business model has remained unchanged since.


15 June 1994

Why don’t you market this methodology?

One of Sponsorium’s customers says “Why don’t you market this methodology? Every company in the world needs this.” Sponsorium develops its first version of PerforMind software. Sponsorium stops consulting that year.


14 September 1989

Methodology to evaluate ROO

Sponsorium develops a methodology to evaluate ROO. Communicart stops representing rights holders that year. Sponsors only is the new word. The companies merge under the Sponsorium banner.


28 August 1987

Creation of Sponsorium

Communicart creates a new company (Sponsorium) to offer counseling services for brands


28 April 1982


Paul founds Communicart which fundraises for rights holders.


24 January 1980

The beginning

Sponsorium founder Paul Pednault is busy developing accounting systems and races cars as a hobby. Paul turns out to be better at getting sponsors than winning races, as his logo-plastered car attests. He starts getting sponsors for friends for fun. Compared to accounting, it was. Sensing his gift, Paul gets into the fundraising business full time.


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