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We will be with you throughout your entire journey

Manage proposals.

Educate the market place on your objectives with customized request forms. Automate your processes, centralize information, let applicants open their own file. A breeze.


Give your customers a positive brand experience with speedy courteous personalized replies.

Share & Benchmark.

Share information with your network, assign tasks, and access unique benchmarking information that will give you an edge at contract negotiation time.

Report with confidence.

Build thousands of cross-referenced reports, export data to spreadsheets and access a real-time dashboard displaying your portfolio of partnerships. Good governance and transparency are generally appreciated.

Start taking control.

Once your weighted KPIs are set, you’ll be ready to steer your portfolio in the right direction. Our team will help develop this process with you.

Weigh your options.

With unparalleled benchmarking and weighing capabilities, get an incredibly empowering view of your world. So much so that, on average, companies are able to make Return On Objectives improvements in the order of 10% to 40% after only one year of using PerforMind™.


Consolidate centrally and recover all useful data of every file instantly.


Increase your activation budgets by showing top management the right analytics.

Stop reacting.

We will help you become more proactive with your portfolio of partnerships.

Start creating value.

Since you will no longer simply react to requests, you can devote more energy and resources than ever before to building a portfolio of winning partnerships. We offer a money-back guarantee on performance.

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