You are scheduled to meet with the Board of Directors shortly.

Or your Top Management wants to discuss the status of your sponsorship portfolio. Or, a special report has been requested by your manager on this very subject.

In any case, you know this discussion is coming if you have not already been summoned to such a meeting. The pandemic will cost budgets and jobs to those who are not prepared to justify their spending. Don’t get caught on the defensive. Will you be a victim? Or will you win their trust?

You recently took a closer look at your sponsorship portfolio. If you are struggling with how to go about doing a scientific analysis that will unveil real solutions, think of SPONSORIUM. We do this for sponsorship teams like yours every day. Here’s how it works:

  1. Let’s understand why you do sponsorship in the first place. We will run a CriteriaProTM session to confirm your weighted KPIs (your time commitment = 1 hour).
  2. We will evaluate your portfolio against those weighted KPIs (half a day on average).
  3. The resulting analysis will sort your programs into 4 categories. It will identify strengths and weaknesses and will lead you into making the right adjustments (half a day on average).

Could a new ally help? At no cost to you? Benefit from a free offer that may not last. Have your portfolio audited, certified, and perhaps, save jobs and budgets. Get a firm handle on your portfolio within days. Win the trust of all by showing how well you are prepared for the adjustments that will be asked of your team. That sponsorship remains a vital component in your overall brand strategy and will win hearts as these challenging times continue.

Keep on igniting your art. And deliver with science.

Click on the following link for a FREE offer :

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