Instituto Alcoa needed not only an online repository of all files related to their community investments but a smart platform where they could receive, assess, manage the approval process, and track their investments across all operational sites.



Head office

São Paulo, Brazil


14,000 employees


The information about Instituto Alcoa’s community investments was spread around contracts, letters, spreadsheets, and emails, which were shared amongst team members and with community organizations.

Having all that data distributed across multiple sources and locations was leaving the Instituto team overloaded with clerical work. The team needed to be freed from paperwork to focus on building stronger and more strategic alliances with community organizations seeking to develop meaningful and lasting social impacts. 

“The implementation of the PerforMind™ system brought more agility, accuracy, and transparency to our processes. Furthermore, we have the necessary compliance controls and an overview of the investment that is being made year after year. In addition to information management, the system allows us to take a strategic and dynamic look atour portfolio as a whole.”

Monica Espadaro
Community Projects Manager
Instituto Alcoa

Upon adopting PerforMind, the team first worked on mapping the community projects management and approval processes. Several matters demanded immediate attention, including tracking and information sharing, improving transparency of the approvals process to all stakeholders, and smartly gathering and storing evidence of project completion.

Lastly, as a major community investor, Instituto Alcoa received hundreds of proposals per year. While the support teams spent countless hours reviewing and responding to proposals they received through emails, postbox etc., they were not equipped to merge the tracking of these proposals, to apply specific criteria in order to evaluate them or to have all the post-projects documentations available in one place.


Success for Instituto Alcoa and its use of PerforMind is measured in efficiency. What previously was a lengthy process taking extensive communications to ensure data accuracy, now takes seconds as all the relevant information is consolidated and readily accessible in the system.

A streamlined and collaborative process saves both Head Office and the local managers a tremendous amount of time. Empowered teams are now able to dedicate themselves to activities that strengthen strategic alliances and have long-lasting impacts in the communities where Instituto Alcoa operates. 

On the community side, the organizations and local partners appreciate well-defined guidelines to connect with Instituto Alcoa through a structured proposal submission and a transparent approval process.

Additionally, having the entire lifecycle of community investment activities consolidated in PerforMind significantly enhances the reporting capabilities of the teams, enabling them to answer any reporting request easily and punctually.

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